Senator Nancy Schaefer tells the TRUTH about Child Protective Services

This is the TRUTH.. this is the reality! Those of you who think your children are safe, think again.. this is happening to ALL PARENTS, poor, rich, smart, educated.


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7 responses to “Senator Nancy Schaefer tells the TRUTH about Child Protective Services

  1. Linda Smith

    This is the first time I have heard any lawmaker speak out and expose CPS for what it is really about. I lost a child to Florida. Perjury, false allegations, refusal to provide any services they claim I refused even though services were not need. Perjury lies proven to judges who turned their heads. Failure to provide due process, violation of law, yet they got away with it, and continue today to keep on Business as Usual.

  2. 1 of the best post i have ever read. Looking forward more from u!

  3. Monique Merrell

    Hi! my name is monique i lost both of my kids in 2001 i was 20 a full time student and worked full time. they took my daughter who was five at the time and my son who was three and placed them in foster care because like i said i was young and naive. It was my first time ever involved with state except when i was younger my mom lost us for awhile. anyways my point is my kids were molested and came in to my visits with bruises and they said it was because of the other kids in the house was why they had the bruises. One day they came in with crabs i flipped out, and they said i need to control my self and be strong cause things happen. i went to the supervisor they did nothing, went to my lawyer she did nothing, then they moved the kids after 8 months to another foster home that wanted to adopt them, then they fought for my rights and took them they said because of me working and going to school i dont have time for my kids. you try to make a life for your kids and state punishes you for it. i think about my kids every day and i will see them again.

  4. I grew up in the CPS system, My oldest son also is a product of it. Since I rescued him from his mother who shall remain nameless, I have had CPS on my door step every year and twice this year. Always unfounded, always closing the cases but always opening new ones as if to say, “Ahh sooo close, let’s try again and again and again, brb gotta get more quarters, eventually I’m gonna beat this game.” Like a kid playing a skill claw game, CPS seems to keep trying and trying until they succeed.

    It makes me regret bringing children into this world. What happened to the country and government being FOR the people?

    And why won’t a single president attack the issue instead of aiding it? How do we fight back? When the court system and Judges routinely violate our rights and the laws themselves.

    I mean, aren’t these laws supposed to be the rules of the game? Why do we have to play by the rules if they are not playing by them? Where is the accountability and don’t we have anyone to turn too? I mean besides expensive lawyer.

  5. L

    Nancy and her Husband were found SHOT to death!
    Daughter says contrary to news statements her father did NOT have cancer and they would have never committed suicide!

  6. Robin Osborne

    still dazed and glazed in kentucky 8 years ago I lost my only child and grandchild to these monsters. I am still waiting for them to come home. I don’t know if they ever will. I do still have hope. I have wanted to die the pain has been so bad, but I wanted to live just incase I might see them again.

  7. Sent to the Senator today:

    Dear Senator Schaefer,

    I just came upon a blog post that includes a video of you speaking about the destructive effects of Child Protective Services (CPS). Recently, I learned of the destructive and unbridled power that these agencies have been given. The “business” activity of their enterprise will seek income from any source and their power in ways is effectively greater than that of Law Enforcement engaged in combating violent crime.

    I have lived in Virginia for about six years. My bride and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this coming November. I am a faithful and responsible husband and father. We have two sons in college.

    I am writing to you today to perhaps further add to your data regarding the destructive, lawless, and morally corrupt nature of CPS organizations.

    During the last week in December, I received via First Class Mail, a summons from the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). The summons named me as the putative father of an eight-month old child, born of a woman who I have never met. The summons directed me to a formal proceeding designed to determine paternity and it further directed me to prepare to disclose all of my financial holdings and sources of income.

    I hired an attorney to, quite literally, defend my honor. We discovered that with a less responsible individual, I share a first name, a last name, and middle initial. We also very quickly determined via internet resources that there is ample information that would allow the Virginia office to distinguish between me and the other guy. Yet, DCSE apparently is most interested in their revenue stream and not interested in doing solid homework. Also, in these proceedings in Virginia, a summons sent via First Class mail is apparently sufficient service of process such that I was then liable for a stiff fine if I did not appear in accordance with the summons.

    To clear my name required several iterations of formal correspondence between my attorney and various state offices. Attorney fees = $1600. This interaction included non-responsiveness by the state, as well as failure on their part to follow through on their initial verbal acknowledgement of the error. Certainly this also induced undeserved stress upon my family and upon my personal and professional life.

    When I finally received a letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia exonerating me, and negating the summons, the state apologized for “any inconvenience” and made a point to claim that Virginia had no responsibility of the error, citing that Virginia DCSE was merely acting on behalf of the State of New Mexico, where the initial claim had been filed by the woman.

    My attorney advised me that any pursuit of just compensation for my legal fees and time and trouble would have to begin with legal action against the child support apparatus of New Mexico. Apparently, federal statutes regarding interstate cooperation in these matters, effectively provides these agencies with special protection that they can easily hide behind in cases of their own negligence and potentially in cases of malice.

    Certainly my experience is nothing as horrendous as having a child taken away from me, and I do have significant compassion for the children that are born into circumstances that they do not deserve. The methods employed by these agencies do in fact hold a potential to actually destroy families, which is then an outcome from which the state agency profits. I can only wonder how many times a similar “mistake” of identity has been brought upon a marriage that is not as strong as mine and has then resulted in the destruction of a family.

    All the way from Virginia, I applaud your efforts in reeling in the CPS monstrosity. It may not currently be the greatest threat to our nation and to our society, but it is an indication of the fundamentally corrupt idea that a purpose of government is to manage our personal lives and through the confiscation of wealth, attempt to right every wrong caused by moral failings. Many people today believe that God should be replaced by government. However, I believe that you and I would agree that to some degree it needs to be the other way around.



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