San Diego County Grand Jury Cites CPS Misconduct

By Sandra Ami

“… Law enforcement and CPS routinely use the law to hide their misconduct from the public. They cite “privacy concerns” as reasons to fail to release evidence that damns their conduct as corrupt and lawless. Even citizens who have been egregiously wronged have trouble getting to any of this evidence. Further, if they dare oppose the government, they risk retaliation. CPS and the police retaliate against “troublemaking parents” by taking away their children with no good cause and then turning what should be routine investigations that take a few weeks into many months or years of refusal to comply with the law, refusal to comply with judicial directions, and working relentlessly to build a cast of co-conspirators who will help defend each other from their misconduct and pin the blame for it all on the target parent.

San Diego’s children and their parents are not safe from government abuse at the hands of CPS and its allies until the agencies and people who engage in these unlawful and abusive activities are removed from their positions and punished or prosecuted for their misconduct.”

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4 responses to “San Diego County Grand Jury Cites CPS Misconduct

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  2. Unfortunately this is just human nature. Give people some power, and they MUST become ABUSIVE! High schools could keep records as to which students are BULLIES, then those records should be CONSULTED when applicant wants to enter police academy and be DENIED on that basis! As for social workers, from observation and news reports, generally speaking, they do appear as fanatical zealots who will INVENT allegations in order to justify their income. They rely on the fact that actual parental abuse does exist to perpetuate their attacks on legit parents. “Educators” long ago took the tyrannical stance that they alone were qualified to teach children, NOT parents! This is all mere Statism. We may be moving towards a system in which the hidden agenda is that all children will be removed from their natural parents custody by age six months. Power breeds lust for more power. They ability to craft definitions which yield the outcome desired—irrespective of reality—is the power to annihilate. They can and do slap labels reading “beans” on cans containing corn, and get the courts to accept that definition of “fact,” so to speak. If they say so, that MAKES it so!

  3. Long time reader / first time poster. Really enjoy reading the blog, keep up the good work. Will definitely start posting more in the near future.

  4. Just tragic. Great Blog btw

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