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  1. October 28th is Non Custodial Mother’s Day. Down Load your free card at to let a hurting mother know how much you care.

  2. 1 of the best post i have ever read. Looking forward more from u!

  3. I created a web site for non custodial mothers. I also have a BSHS (Bachelors in Human Services) Can you sign up for this group also? I have another mother who is a social worker who will be interested in signing up. I will forward your link. I would like to add you to my facebook AbusedSwan also. You can contact me at 616-322-5279 (business phone) You can publish this information if you would like.

  4. NotCredible

    Disabled 9-11 initial responder has son removed for…………………………

    clutter. Just clutter.

    Scorecard: NYC HRA 350K? 7 agencies 30 caseworkers–rent salary; “I’m picking up a little OT”, carfare medical insurance.

    Us: Down 2+ mos rent for take out food and clutter-helpers. Me now also with a torn up back for being forced to do more than I am physically capable of. Now I can’t even make it to the corner–never mind a supermarket.

    $500 dollar problem. I could hire a couple of college students and sort the stuff. But ACS doesn’t do that. They are mad because I didn’t accept the itty bit of help offered by A TOTAL STRANGER from Craigslist.

    I am not a hoarder like in those TV shows.

    I think because of the recent death of a little girl ACS is on their toes. e.g. Gee–if my son is in danger why didn’t you take him 14 mos ago; 13 mos. ago; 12 mos. ago, etc etc.

    If this isn’t bad enough–my son fainted at school today from “not eating and dehydration!” Was “sick” this past Saturday too. Foster person did not take him to a doctor. Also his meds are here but she won’t discuss his health–she calls it interrogation. He has asthma but she wouldn’t notice an asthma attack unless he turned blue–maybe.

    I called everybody I could tonight but I was treated like I was the crazy person–of course, after all ACS HAD TO REMOVE MY SON.

    For clutter.

    They, all 30 of them and the 7 agencies wouldn’t even hook us up with food stamps! (Since I had to hire a cleaner.)

    And my son said if i give the dog away he’ll kill himself. But I can’t walk her–I’m in pain. I was on the mend until ACS showed up to remove him. I was in the middle of making one of his favorite meals and he was doing homework.

    Three reasons to let his mother check him out or take him to the doctor if not an ER…

    Oh yeah. My honors scholarship student isn’t doing his homework. I got that in school alert emails today. He is with a woman who will let him play X-Box 10 hours a day.

    When I told that to the caseworker she said “oh all teens are like that.” Not in my house I told her.

    So now foster mother gets an income and was made to accept a twin bed to put in her living room. Again, ACS can’t help me hire somebody but they got the kid a new bed in less than 24 hours.

    For clutter.

    It gets even worse but I’m done. Nobody cares. Don’t think I haven’t written every politician and news outfit. I also wrote the ACS head a few times and that was way before they took my kid.

    This is unbelievable. But why should you believe me. I’m clearly a bad mother, so bad ACS had to take my kid, and I’m just ranting and raving because that’s what psychos do, right?

    But hey, girls, I’m a “hero.”

  5. amiablyme

    Dee.. I’m sorry I just read your story on I want to respond. You were placed in a position you never should have been placed into in the first place.
    I understand your pain, and to a degree agree that you have been wronged.. however you are targeting the wrong people, I think. The child you raised, CLEARLY belonged to someone else from the beginning. Altercations happen all the time, some minor some severe, however the description of them, most times are deceitful and without merit. Never-the-less, you have to know the bones of the book to understand how it works, why and where it comes from. I feel your pain, and do in deed sympathize with you. Empathize for a moment as to the possibilities of what the Natural parents went though. I don’t know the case, the people involved or any specifics, so I can only generalize the possibilities. OFTEN children are taken without being in danger of immediate or imminent harm or impending death, as the law states are the only reasons for taking a child. OFTEN the extended family is excluded from taking the child, as the law also requires, the reason is because it does not make money to the government. It’s a Child Trafficking scheme. Possibly you got caught up in it, unknowingly and put your heart into it. Imagine if it were true that the Natural parents of this child did nothing wrong and wanted their child.. how would YOU feel to have that baby taken like that.. I’m not saying it did happen this way.. but the statistics are over 3/4 that it did!

  6. sharena

    i want to help fight to reform cps and stop the corruption. who do i vote for is there anyone like nancy shaefer? i live in san diego california

  7. Dee

    I am the non-biological father of a young boy who I have taken care of since he was in the womb and have made many promises to him I gave him my name and have supported him CPS took him out of his mtohers home due to there was an altercation between her and her boyfriend, they mediated and I was never contacted even though my son told them I was his father this stuf has made me upset to my stomach and I’m going to do something about this why we as non-biological but caring fathers who raise anothers kid treated like crap I’ve clothed him, fed him, told him bedtime stories have been to school registered him not to mention my family has been in his life too since birth there needs to be rights for Non-biological father who are redy willing and able to provide for there kids but to have them say I have no rights this is meesing whith his well being and I paln to foght this all the way for those of us who see our child grow then to have to system say well you did not donate the sperm so your not daddy.

  8. i have been under guardianship since i was nine years old i was removed from my parents along with seven other siblings . i was removed from home for resonable reasons but i was placed in foster care and into the same situation i was i at home even worse situations in foster. i am now 19 years old and have a son whom was taken six hours after birth for reasons that were out of my control as a kid. yet in my past have i ever endangered a child in any possible way someone can think of . my son was taken from me based on families sa ‘s prediction on what might happen there was no evidence or iodeas that were cement that the baby could be at risk. i am now pregnant for the second timeand am trying and doing everything that families sa have recommeneded me to do and yet i still fear that this baby will get taken families sa and cps have been in my lives as long as i can remember and i believe they should be the ones who are guilty until proven innocent but in my opinion i don’t think they would have any shame for what they have done to so many people s families . i want everybody to kee-p in mind that everytime there is a removal of a child from a family families sa recieve a total of 200,000 dollars and to get that child adopted by uninvestigated foster parents they recieve another 100,000 and everytime they are removed from those foster placement s they recieve another huge lump sum of money it is like they only take chilldren for there ego of money cause the amount of people i know who atre excellent parents have had there chilldren removed tjhey aloways target bigger families cause it is more money ever since theses extra bonuses were offered to them families have suffered a great b deal than before .they tell us we are innaprpriate parents and they say this with no proof yet they place these chilldren from supposedly unsafe parents and place them into foster care who are never investigated for there parenting caopacity all so they can recieve some lage cash .

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