Orange County, Ca: SOCIAL WORKER Gets PROMOTION after Court finds THEM LIARS!

An 11 Year O.C. Custody Fight Stops Just Short of the U.S. Supreme Court
A long, bitter custody fight won’t go to the Supreme Court, but it’s not over yet anyway. Mom says her kids were wrongly taken away for years, and a jury agreed. But the Social Workers were never disciplined.


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3 responses to “Orange County, Ca: SOCIAL WORKER Gets PROMOTION after Court finds THEM LIARS!

  1. How do you fight the lies and inept system to get children back as the powers to be seem to make all the wrong choices?

  2. “Mental health professionals can do what they WANT!” is the unspoken credo they adhere to. “Mental illness is like any other illness” they RANT! But is it? NO—no cardiologist implies that his degree immunizes him from cardiac issues; BUT “mental health professionals” (including social workers, who ARE like WOOD BORERS on trees) DO imply that their degree IMMUNIZES them from “disorders.” Besides, since only they are “qualified” to “diagnose mental illnesses,” naturally they WON’T so diagnose THEMSELVES, as this is a mere SLANDER, not any medical fact! Slaves who wanted to escape had “drapetomania” and WOMEN in PANTS had “an attack of dress reform” (see NY Times for ex May 27, 1876, page 6 “A Curious Disease” denouncing women in pants!) ANYTHING can be called “mental illness” if they so choose; this is a VERY DANGEROUS POWER!! Strip it from them by realizing there can be no “mental illnesses” as they mean; only interpersonal conflicts and difficulties of life—those are NOT “disease conditions” like stroke, aneurysm, tumor, head injury, or neurological issues.

  3. 1 of the best post i have ever read. Looking forward more from u!

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