I am a mother of 3 wonderful boys. I have had my trials and tribulations being a parent, just as all parents have. I have never been arrested and have always been a law abiding citizen. I have been a PTA mom, active in the schools as a Talent Show organizer; helping in the classrooms and still teaching my children the manners I was raised with.

I have been responsible for guiding my boys and felt the responsibility of their friends to help guide them in a positive direction; encouraging them to do well in school and understand the diversities of others.

I have learned many things in the past. This past year has been the most trying for me, as I have learned the legal “system” and the governmental “actions” are not what I grew up thinking it was. I have learned I didn’t know my true rights, nor was this world or our country what I was raised to believe it was. I have learned many people are pushed into humiliation through false allegations and even arrested upon false reports.

I have dedicated my life now, educating myself as well as others on Child Protective Services and how allegations in court are written falsely to justify the wrongful and traumatic taking of children. My dedication to help  protect parents and inform them that they are not immune and are in fact in jeopardy, as well as their precious, very well loved children.

You will learn through my blogs how this works, and hopefully I can help to make the process a bit easier, giving you some tools that might assist you. I also have grouped with other people who know how the law works, what your rights are and how to use them.

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  1. motorgrader

    Where is the outrage of the whore MEDIA?

    When will citizens unite against this CRIME against humanity? Against the innocents?

    How long can we witness these atrocities and do nothing?

    GO TO THE HOME PAGE AND DARE TO FACE THE PROOF. Then get a small group organized in your local area to oppose this vile criminal government operation. For the Children, for the families, for your own.

    May God grant us the eyes to see and the courage to make our voices heard against such EVIL.


    please can any one help me win an appeal i have more than enough reasons to think i can win one .. please some one help me

  3. mkg4583

    Hi, just found the Blog info and added a feed to my blogroll: mkg4583.wordpress.com and subscribed to your blog as well.

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. They had names and faces once. Now they have coroner’s numbers.
    Social workers call them their “worst outcomes”.

    Those children’s voices call out from small graves to those who truly care about child welfare.

    Learn more about them…..Read their stories.

    Children Who Didn’t Have to Die – Website http://suncanaa.com/

    Is there someone to speak for children so that their unfinished lives do not slip silently away?
    If hundreds and hundreds of predictably and preventably dead children is not enough to inspire action, what is? If you choose not to act, who will? If not now, when?

  6. I posted more information about HIV on my website outlining the connection between Bayer, the Rothchilds, and other pharmaceutical companies. I have seen a pattern of HIV tainted medication being sent to many different countries and there are over 250 MILLION people who have been infected. Interestingly the FDA does not investigate or prosecute the people responsible.

    This really needs to be brought to the public’s attention, especially now since there are new laws in place.

    Here’s a video:


  7. Lucinda

    Excellent blog.

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