Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce have died

What a sad day in America!

After her work against the “system” exposing the corruption and actively bringing awareness to the Public about CPS and how they kidnap children for money, the Great Nancy Schaefer is gone.

The reports state it was an apparent “Murder-Suicide” however, those who know her seriously doubt it.

We the People will mourn the great loss of such a great woman and all the work she has put into making America the land of the free, with her being the brave.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family as the Parents and Children of American will feel a GREAT LOSS.


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5 responses to “Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce have died

  1. Light

    We have to find out WHO killed her!

  2. Susan

    Nancy was in the process of helping me expose the wanton conduct of GA’s DFCS, specifically Cobb County, where I used to live. She had investigators working on the case and had me gather all my documents for a meeting with some John Doe from Texas (who I never met….the meeting never commenced as planned…not sure why…and then she was murdered) . GBI did not do a thorough investigation; otherwise, they would have responded to my phonecall with information about Mr. John Doe, the missed meeting, and other information. What sort of investigator does not gather ALL the information?? One who has something to cover-up!

  3. Crime is big money for lawyers, police, judges and private prison companies as well as various companies who supply them with guns, etc., and destroying families ensures another generation of lower working class criminals for them to profit from. That is the essential service that social workers provide, and it is integral to the expansion of the prison state system. People with influence who get too loud about it are endangering the future bread and butter of people who dedicated their lives to pursuing power at any cost.

  4. May The Lord Jesus expose those who did this to Nancy and her husband. Parents like myself have suffered so terribly at the hands of evil and corrupt American Judges, lawyers, CPS, Domestic Violence Workers and other criminals involved with the Family Court/State Supreme Courts whose sole purpose is to terrorize families for financial gain.
    I pray that there will now be a plethera of parents who stand up for righteousness and will no longer tolerate the abuse of power by those forementioned.
    May we all become like Nancy Schaefer and be more than a voice for our children; may we also take action and remove those who profit from lies of others.
    God help America.

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