Autopsies being performed on Schaefer and husband

State Sen. Don Thomas of Dalton said this morning he believed that Bruce Schafer had been ill
Couple’s daughter, who lives in the same gated community as the Schaefers, had no knowledge of any serious illness affecting her father

By Mitch Clarke and Stephen Gurr;
UPDATED March 27, 2010 11:42 a.m.

Autopsies are being performed today on the bodies of former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband, who were found shot to death Friday afternoon in an apparent murder- suicide at their Habersham County home.

Sheriff Joey Terrell said this morning that authorities believe they know who the shooter was, but wanted to wait until the autopsies are completed before releasing that information.

Terrell said the couple’s daughter, who lives in the same gated community as the Schaefers, discovered their bodies in a bedroom about 5:30 p.m. Friday. He said a handgun was used in the shootings and was found near the bodies.

Several notes were left behind, but Terrell declined to say who wrote them.

While State Sen. Don Thomas of Dalton said this morning he believed that Bruce Schafer had been ill, the sheriff said the couple’s daughter had no knowledge of any serious illness affecting him.

A prominent conservative Republican, Schaefer, 75, was known as a vocal opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage. She was elected to the state Senate in 2004 and served two terms, but she made several unsuccessful bids for public office prior to that.

State Rep. Rick Austin, whose district includes Habersham County, announced Schaefer’s death to a packed House chamber around 7:30 p.m. Friday and led lawmakers in a moment of silence.

Hall County legislators who had worked with Schaefer said they were saddened by the news.

“I had the privilege of serving with Nancy for several years in the State Senate and appreciated her kind heart and desire to serve the people of Georgia well,” said Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. “Nita and I will be praying for the entire Shaefer family and ask that the Lord will provide them with peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time.”

“The state of Georgia has lost two fine God-fearing people,” said state Rep. James Mills, R-Chestnut Mountain. “We should all pray for the family.”

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville, said he served with Schaefer in his first term in the House. Because they served in adjoining districts, they often attended meetings together on White County issues, he said.

Collins said Schaefer served her district honorably.

“I always thought her to be an honest person who did what she thought was right,” Collins said. “It’s just a real sad event.”

Schaefer, who has been active in conservative Christian causes for many years, was president of Family Concerns, a Christian organization.

She was elected in 2004 after federally redrawn legislative districts created an open seat in the 50th District. She defeated two Republican challengers and a Democrat to win the seat.

Prior to that, Schaefer ran for mayor of Atlanta in 1993, was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 1994 and finished third in the GOP race for governor in 1998.

Before seeking re-election in 2008, she considered a challenge to Brown for the congressional seat. She later chose to run for re-election, but lost in the Republican primary to eventual winner Jim Butterworth.

She once hosted a daily commentary show on WNIV-AM, an Atlanta Christian radio station, according to her state Senate biography.

She was a former first vice president of the Georgia Baptist Convention, a frequent speaker to churches of all denominations, a speaker to civic and political organizations and a frequent guest on radio and local and national television programs.

In 2001, she became the first female trustee of Toccoa Falls College.

She and her husband lived in Atlanta for 35 years before relocating to Habersham County.

The 50th District, which she served, includes Habersham, Rabun, Towns, Stephens, Banks, Franklin, Hart and a portion of White counties.

Shaefer and her husband had five children and 13 grandchildren.

Staff writer Ashley Fielding and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

[not verified, but I do believe Sen. Nancy Schaefer was 73, her husband 75, and they had 16 grandchildren]


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6 responses to “Autopsies being performed on Schaefer and husband

  1. Gina Gentil

    Unbelievable !! I am still in shock, this is July I just found her web Paige a couple months ago, been telling everyone about it due to the fact I was amazed with Sen. Nancy shaefers courage to do what is right and speak up about what I see to be the ultimate crime. When I read her this I felt a sence if relief, finaly someone who holds a position of impotence not only could see the truth but speak about it as well. Just last night I learned of this tragidy

  2. WORTH NOTING: Alex Jones said on his radio show arter he kearned of the murders that Nancy Shafer had told him a few months that she had some important new information that she wished to make public. He said he had meant to have her on as a guest but had not gotten around to it.

    It is important that the community stay on top of this murder case and its “investigation” — so that whistleblowers are not intimidated.

  3. amiablyme

    OHHH NOOO Kathleen, they most definitely did NOT have financial problems at all.. Her Daughter, who lived by her said she was unaware of any illness.. I don’t believe he did have Cancer, as it was said.. I’m sure the Daughter would have known.

    Most “elderly” people who wish to commit suicide.. generally do so via ‘overdose’.. certainly not a gun to their own chest.. that’s to often unsuccessful to result in death.

    No one, I’ve spoken to, or been in contact with believes it was a “murder-suicide.” There was a prior comment by someone who says, basically, there was no reason for her to be murdered.. HUH.. apparently they were not aware of the fact that she publicly stated that the Gov. is the largest “CHILD TRAFFICKING” ring there is, or that they are definitely “RACKETEERING” .. I guess.. they weren’t aware of her much at all.

  4. Mrs Schaefer was very outspoken as to the corruption that exists within the Child Protective services agencies. If only more Senators would pay attention to the illegal acts of this agency against innocent parents the better off we would be as constituents and taxpayers! We will continue to carry the torch for Nancy!! Thank you for all your hard work a dedication. You will be missed!

  5. Oh Sandra, I am so sad to hear the news about Nancy.

    She is the reason I went to Europe. We spoke a few days before I left and she told me to get out of America while I still could. She told me she was concerned about my safety because of my activism, and thought they might put a “hit” out on me. She must have had concerns for her own life. SHE KNEW! But she stayed and fought! She cared more about helping children so she took that risk. She even went to the Netherlands to expose the corruption. She was one brave woman who will surely be missed.

    Take a look at this article where Casey Cagle offers his condolences:

    Nancy told me Casey Cagle was responsible for getting her out of office. He was trying to keep her ‘quiet’!!

    I spoke to William Wagener with “On Second Thought TV” tonight and he tells me he was planning on interviewing Nancy for his show next month.They had recently spoken and she had some ‘sensitive’ information she was going to share with him, including the names of those people involved. He said that even though they spoke on ‘safe phones’ Nancy was very nervous, and she was very very scared. I can say for sure that Bruce did NOT kill Nancy. He deeply loved his wife and she was there by his side during his and surgery and illness last year. I am not aware of him having cancer as the news reports. This was NO murder-suicide and they did not have financial problems as reported by the media, who is also covering up the details as well as her activism against Government corruption.

    Here is my blog covering her death:

  6. you dont have to be a scientist to figure this one out after the way she spoke out exposing the CPS along w/out saying monies laundering as one cant help wondering where does the monies go? let alone the children are destroyed.

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