Dr. Charles Smith pathologist for CPS – LIED! Destroying Parents

Mother Tastes Freedom after 14 years in Prison as a result of Dr. Charles Smith’s lies.

By Sandra Ami

Could it be that Dr. Charles Smith was working on the side of Social Services to destroy the lives of parents for money? Could it be to pump up the public opinions of Social Workers and the Department? One must ask, to who’s benefit, or what benefit is there in convicting parents on false accusations, lies, deception and erroneous reports?

I suppose if you look at the financial benefits, there were many who reaped in the economic venture. Yes, Dr. Charles Smith was kept in his position, but there were several others that are employed as well. Attorneys would never have been called in, Social Workers were given the positions to “investigate” and “provide services” as they do. Those “services” employ many people from Mental Health professionals, councilors,  doctors, court staff and we can’t discount the amount of money put into the Correction’s facilities to house the so-called perpetrators.

There is quite a bit of job security in falsifying documents and fabricating a the facade over a healthy, law-abiding, caring, loving parent. If a parent can be accused of  abuse, neglect or even murder to one child, that gives (almost by default) any more children she may have prior or future to Social Services, feeding into this illegal economic system.

Each time an accusation or allegation is made, and a criminal is fabricated, there are several people employed. Sheriffs, therapists, doctors, clerks, vendors, social workers.. OHHH I’m sure you could think of a few more.. just remember you are worth more money in ‘from court to finish’ then you are free on the streets!

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