Government Kidnaps Your Children for Money

This is only ONE story of the horrors families and children all over are facing each day. In Orange County California alone, over 3000 children are taken each month. I’ve been told that number is conservative, and is more like 4700, though I haven’t verified that as of yet.
I was also told by a CPS (Social Worker) that over 50% of the children come from average, good homes. That means these children could be yours. At the rate this is happening… It is only a matter of time, and it will be your child too. Imagine for one moment, your child being traumatized, kidnapped by strangers, not being able to call you, then being told YOU did something wrong and are “UNABLE TO CARE FOR THEM”.
I will tell more about how this happens in a later blog.
This CAN happen to you.. No one is immune!



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10 responses to “Government Kidnaps Your Children for Money

  1. Jaela

    This really happens? I’m a 14 year old female and have never even heard of this I went to a school with tons kids who talked about stuff like this but never heard this! I never knew the government had this much power? I always wanted to go into the CIA. Should I trust agents that approach me to ask about my job? (my school has a lot of people from different jobs come and talk to kids). Someone please post back so I get a answer! (this somewhat worries me because I wouldn’t be able to get through a kidnapping I freeze to easily)

  2. 1 of the best post i have ever read. Looking forward more from u!

  3. Not a suprise that the injustices and abuse being perpetrated on families and children have ties to money. (The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil…) Not surprising the comparisons made between the CPS and the Nazis system of the past.

    So what can be done or is being done? Any lawyers and/or organizations that can help parents that cannot afford representation?

    I have heard of writing your legislators, County Board of Supervisors, etc…. Any of this currently happening in Los Angeles County as well?

    It is a travesty that our children are suffering and paying a huge price for these attrocities. God Bless our children and their families.

    Thanks for your time and assistance in this matter. God Bless.

  4. amiablyme

    Sadly Larry, we forget who ‘our’ government is comprised of.. the people.. WE THE PEOPLE run the government.. it is ‘we’ that are doing this ‘we’ are employees of the government. I’m sure you know at least one family member that probably works or worked as a Gov. employee…

  5. This is one example of an out of control government that has forgotten that it’s power is derived from the people and has no inherent right to control the people. We would do well to remember what Thomas Jefferson told us: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

  6. No one will touch it. It would stop the flow of money. My state legislator told me she is “monitoring” my grandsons’ case. This is as helpful as standing by and watching the Titanic sink.

    NO ONE has any power against this agency. If parents take their own children – Amber Alerts are issued to get their fellow citizens to turn them in ….

    This is beyond the imagination — it is reality.
    Re-read BRAVE NEW WORLD … its on-line at

    This is what is going on right now. State Conditioning Centers – where the stolen children are programmed to forget their families // and fed drugs and ruined – for life.

    The recent Rosie O’Donnell movie stated: 8 of 10 children who “age out” through the foster care system either end up on the street / in jail or dead.

    Not at all proud to live in America…

  7. Mike

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

  8. amiablyme

    Sadly, yes, I personally went to the FBI, and they told me there was “nothing we can do”. You would have to know WHERE, HOW, WHO, WHEN and WHY this is going on, to understand why no Media, no Governmental Agency, NO ONE will cover the truth. It’s fortunate, and at a HUGE cost, when there is a report made. The Government places Parents on the TERRORIST list when they fight back, when they fight for their children. Why? You might ask. Well the parents are deemed “anti-establishment” “anti-Government”.
    I intend to write another article on that soon.
    Sandra Ami

  9. pat mcdonald

    I wonder if any one has taken this to the fbi for a formal investigation,for coruption by state emplyoyees, under the ricco statues this constitutes elements of racketering and organized crime,as well as abuse of power,and if these chilren were taken with out due recourse,and not holding to their best interest ,kidnaping as well as trafficing charges should be brought against all those involved,especially if there was any monetary gain involved.

  10. evryonesacritic

    Great Cause I Wish You The Best of Luck With This.

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