Baby’s picture used in Adoption Scam

ABINGTON – A local mother says she found a picture of her baby boy in a Craiglist advertisement saying the child was available for adoption. FOX25’s Shirley Chan reports. Inside:  See the ad

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Most Adoptions (especially by Social Services) IS A SCAM

Most Adoptions (especially by Social Services) IS A SCAM

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One response to “Baby’s picture used in Adoption Scam

  1. angela suber

    hi,i am angela suber and i am deaf mother of 6 kids but i lost 4 kids by the court and dfs . i found out and pissed off at dfs and other people . i found some information . they made the stories up to blame me for no reasons. the abuser told them a lies about my situation. it was worse! i think social workers should stop doing stupid thing against moms . they should respect what moms say if no , then moms can call the cops to get a soical workers a big troubles . i have no time for their games . i am real mad at dfs and courts. they just want more money that all. i am not dumb ,okay . u all get them in troubles. i am tired of their lies.
    help me to get 4 kids back now. i am worried about them all the times but i wont give upfor them. e-mail me pls.
    angela suber

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