CHILD TRAFFICKING, Secret Courts, Judges make MILLIONS on children’s lives

By Sandra Ami
via NY Times

It all started in June 2000 with a simple business proposition, according to the judges’ indictment and more than 40 interviews with courtroom workers, authorities and others.

Robert J. Powell, a wealthy personal-injury lawyer from Hazleton and longtime friend of Judge Conahan, wanted to know how he might get a contract to build a private detention center. Judge Ciavarella thought he could help.

In what authorities are calling the biggest legal scandal in state history, the two judges pleaded guilty to tax evasion and wire fraud in a scheme that involved sending thousands of juveniles to two private detention centers in exchange for $2.6 million in kickbacks.  

The conspicuous wealth Judge Ciavarella enjoyed in Florida was a far cry from the rough East End neighborhood in Wilkes-Barre where he grew up and is still known as “the local kid who made it big.”

“You get enough power and you’re bound to start abusing it, I suppose,” Mr. Monaco said.

Parents who arrived with their children typically left without them.

Nicknamed Mr. Zero Tolerance in the courthouse, he once put a father in jail after he could not pay court-imposed fees for his daughter, whom the judge had previously locked up.

“In the end,” Mr. Dallas said, “it all came down to what the judge decided.”

[I just want you all to keep in mind, this is not just an isolated case, this is happening everywhere. Judges are making a fortune off of the children in ever capacity. Children are worth everything.  And children are also not given independent council in Dependency cases, the entire courtroom is hired by one administration, that includes the parents council. Private Attorneys are not allowed to defend in these courtrooms.  This IS happening where you are, it just has to be investigated and reported, rarely is someone brave enough to do so. Sandra Ami ]

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9 responses to “CHILD TRAFFICKING, Secret Courts, Judges make MILLIONS on children’s lives


    My step-grandson has been their victim for 10 months w/no hope in sight. It is the usual story of false allegations only because mom an step-dad tried to protect this beautiful child. we HAVE READ A MILLION HORROR STORIES AND ONLY THOSE WHO EXPERIENce corruption by CPI, DCF, and the attorneys and judges can believe the truth. We all know something must be done, but I have not yet found a way to help reform this nasty system. Congressmen have actually told me they would be breaking the law if they helped! WE have contacted every official and organization we can think of. Our , so called, free press won’t get involved. No one will stick their neck out. So what is actually being done? Where can we turn? How can we get involved…really involved. Please, will someone guide us?

  2. craig

    My friends child was taken over a fight with the neighbors kid.the end result was the little girl calling daddy to come get her after being sold to a pimp by a scout.they protected the girl so much she told them their system is a total failure she just wants her daddy who wants her and realizes she isnt just a paycheck.this was said by a 15yr old child.all that resulted from the government involving themselves in a petty fight over a childs broken toy.sounds like someone really knows better than daddy.are u so sure u want michelle obama in the fridge?it might be ur child over some chocalate pudding

  3. is the most informative site since the creation of the lightbulb

  4. Keep up the good work. Thanks to the brave parents like us, not going down with out a fight, is why when you Google “child trafficking” CPS and DFACS comes up. Finaly we got the truth out about who is really abusing and trafficking the children.

  5. amiablyme

    Yes Kevin, the horrific truth is that 80% of the prison population are former Foster Children, or Children taken from their families. When CPS/Social Services comes in and takes a child from his home, they are giving the child ABANDONMENT issues, just to name a few. Drugging the children and convincing the children they are “different” and unwanted. The children are mistreated and psychologically damaged. There has been much study on this issue and it is a FACT!

    The idea is to take children make money off of them, create criminals so they can put them back into, or keep them in the ‘system’ where more federal dollars and non-profit funds will come in.. Keep them IN the Government System.

  6. Kevin

    I get so appalled at the notion that whenever someone makes it out of the streets they are bound to be corrupted….I don’t buy it- there had to be something wrong with the bloke in the first place. Anyone who has no conscience regarding taking children away from their parents for personal gain was corrupt to begin with and just hiding it well.
    I think there should be a wholesale flush of the elected toilet

  7. Tragically, the system is the ones who is winning, not “The People”

    There are no words to describe how these children have suffered due to the illegal corrupt actions of the courts/CPS.

    Our “system” is very sick.

  8. MYRNA

    Whenever I see children being exploited by the government, it makes me sick, to say the least.


    We are the only ones who can end this corruption to save our children.

    God Bless.

  9. Portia

    Legalised Child Trafficing under the guise of Child Protection, causing deep trauma and soul fragmentation resulting in human children living their entire lives in fear.

    Totally Criminal.

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