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YOUR Children are being Drugged to Keep Quiet by CPS for Government Money and YOU CAN’T DO A THING ABOUT IT!

by Sandra Ami

Children are being taken by Child Welfare, Social Services, CPS workers, the parents are lied about in order to obtain the children, then.. YOUR

Drugs never intended for children.

Drugs never intended for children.

CHILDREN ARE DRUGGED! Do you think you have the right to say NO? Do you think you then have medical rights? Parental Rights? Once Social Workers take your children YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! NONE!! Regardless of what you may think, or even think you may know.. You will have NO RIGHTS.. not even in court.. You will have NO rights to your children, No rights to ANY decisions of  your child… No right to SPEAK to your child, No rights to DEFEND YOURSLEF IN COURT.. You will become a prisoner, You will be THREATENED, Your child WILL BE DRUGGED!!


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