By Sandra Ami microphone

Sadly, there is a huge cover up, there is a small (and I do mean SMALL) amount of personnel who are claiming to correct the problems; I do also believe that it’s only a front to show people they are trying to do something, this is partially why:

Over and Over we hear of “no funds available” yet if the dollars where truly accounted for, one would find just the Children alone bring in TRILLIONS of dollars.

Again, as I have said, as the REALITY goes (and there is even more)… :

1) First a Child’s name and address come up to Social Services. It could be by anyone, and more often by doctors these days. Once Social Services has a name and address, they then start the process of stealing the child(ren) from the home. Usually in the Public Schools, as it’s easier to get cooperation from the staff when taking children, especially because they too are Govt. Employees.

2) They attempt to interview the parents and EACH WORD THE PARENTS SAY is used in creating the reports AGAINST THEM (and I can give several examples).

3) The SW goes back to the office and (through a pre-formatted form), types ALL THEY CAN negative about the parents, in the reports they will have compiled a list of things the parents have told them that they can use against them, the shock only comes after you appear in court when you realize you have told them things which can include but most definitely not limited to: if the parents drink Soda or Coffee; if the parent(s) were verbally or physically abused (explaining a pattern of abuse in the family to substantiate any claims the SW conjures up); If you dropped out of College- that too can be used against you; They want to know if your parents were divorced, that will be used about your mental stress or inability to connect as you had/have issues with the divorce that you have never dealt with; do you EVER drink alcoholic beverages (you will be deemed a drinker PERIOD); do you work? if you are a mother that stays home, they will report that the ‘stress of being a full time mom’ even if you claim no stress; they will ask if you EVER argue with your spouse (if you are a single parent WATCH OUT) if you EVER argue, that will be held against you as STRESS giving you the INABILITY TO PARENT YOUR CHILD..The list goes on, and their lists in their reports go on. The idea is to put so many allegations against you that it is virtually impossible for you to defend. The things you find to be meaningless (which in actuality are) are in fact things they take advantage of and use against you. IF you take ANY prescription medications, you are automatically deemed, dependent or mentally ill. Therefore they then can recommend you for Mental Health Care, and Counseling which they get paid extra for (it’s all part of the payment plan from the govt.) It doesn’t matter if you have personal Health Care, because the do NOT allow you to use it, they put you on Govt. Health Care Plans so that they can control and monitor all your records, without you having access. Your children will ALSO be placed on these plans to prevent you from accessing your children’s records. AFTER the report is made against you, and the children have been taken, these children feed into the Mental Health (DHHS) industry as well, by placing them on drugs to calm them as they have been traumatized by their kidnapping from schools and are not able to see their parents or go home, but instead thrusted into a place with a group of strangers who, really don’t care about them, as they are just another kid being brought in for money. The child cries profusely, therefore it’s justified they need medication and Counseling (which is more funding, and deeming the child(ren) as “special needs” (more funding). They don’t tell you, that also one criteria for being a Special Needs child is simply being 6 yrs of age or older.

4) There is a TDM (Team Decision Meeting) with the parents to “determine where the children will be placed IF not with the parents” though they have NO INTENTION of placing the children with the parents OR any of those discussed in the TDM. The purpose of the TDM is basically to abide by the law in having one, there is absolutely no other purpose for it. Everything that is said in the TDM will NOT be placed in the reports as required by law. In fact, they can, do and have put into the report that, after the meeting “No FAMILY AVAILABLE” “REQUEST CONFIDENTIAL FOSTER CARE” even after you had discussed family and/or friends for placement, even if those family and friends were present in that meeting.

5) The case goes to court, and in ALMOST ALL cases, the parents are NEVER ALLOWED TO SPEAK, and in Orange County CA, the parents wait outside while the cases are being discussed, leaving NOTHING for the Court Record. The parents are SOMETIMES called in when the FINDINGS are decided upon outside of the parents presence. The parents are in that courtroom for a total of 20 seconds to state they were there and hear the findings read.

6) The parents are told “if you plea guilty, they will allow your children to come home (or with a family member) if you do not plead your child will go into a foster home where he/she is 10 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE”. Parents then substantiate all the claims, even though they are all false and grossly exaggerated, by pleading to protect their children from harm or death. Only to find.. they lied, and your child IS PLACED IN A FOSTER HOME, and NOT sent home with you. You can complain as much as you like, and tell anyone they lied to you, however it was all only words and not in writing, therefore none of what they said matters ((((( THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I TELL PARENTS TO ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN in a Journal.. RECORD EVERYTHING digital recorder if possible, and ALWAYS COMMUNICATE VIA EMAIL when you can )))

But remember, in these “secret courts” no one is allowed Cameras or any recording devices what so ever, UNLESS YOU ARE THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS adopting the child (your child).

7) Now that they have to show that they have TRIED to “RE-UNIFY” the parents, because it’s the law, they will then put the parents through a battery of “services” telling the parents “if you take (ie.) Parenting classes, abuse classes, counseling etc. AND TAKE MEDICATIONS (in most cases) WE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR CHILDREN BACK UPON COMPLETION” these services must be facilitated by the Social Worker, and they fail to tell you they WONT START THESE SERVICES in most cases until it’s too late for you to complete them in time for the TERMINATION of Parental Rights Hearing. They also fail to tell you that IF you should miss even ONE of your appointments that you have FAILED to comply with the Re-Unification process. AND YOUR CHILD IS ADOPTED..

They put the parents through these “services” because (and ONLY because) it brings their Organization more Federal Funding and PRIVATE Non Profit Grants.

The courts, in most cases, provide your child with their own attorney called The Guardian et Lidem or GAL, with whom  generally never meet the child.

Each parent is given their own attorney (so they can not form an alliance, while they are being plotted against one another with accusations). Each parent is told they will be able to get the child(ren) if they side with the Social Worker against the other, which actually only to substantiates their case for ADOPTION, however the parents comply to protect their children. (IF you admit your wife/husband is ___ then you will be able to take the children home.. the same is told to the other parent). The parents are desperate to protect the child and get them out of the Children’s home or Foster Home. The parents are also told they are not allowed to discuss the case with ANYONE but their attorneys, not even each other. They are told this from the first day of court. THE SECRETS BEGIN to protect THE GUILTY.

Parents want to tell everyone, they want to scream at the top of their lungs for help.. yet.. even if they do mention it to anyone, the first responses are “you must have done something wrong, they are after all protecting children.. they are CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES” and no one will listen. While Social Services laughs knowing their marketing scheme has worked and people BELIEVE they are there to Protect children.. but little do people know, CPS is FOR REVENUE CORP. ((Many of the Judges, Social Workers and others involved, have started their own Foundations that get funds and Grants when children are taken.. Judges profit off the adoptions they order, Judges, DHHS workers and others involved in this process are on the Board of Directors for agencies such as United Way and other Foundations.

Child Protective Services does Fund Raisers for Untied Way and other Foundations, Untied Way then gives Grants to CASA (the child avocacy hired by the courts to be suposedly unbias on the Child’s behalf after they have been taken) CASA gives grants to Child Protective Services, and CASA (in CA) is in the State Building right next door to the head Child Protective Services office. )

Once 12 months has gone by, there is a REVIEW hearing, the children are STILL NOT HOME, as they have promised over and over and over each month that “if” you do ___, the children will most likely come home after the next hearing.. the next hearing has come and gone, and the parents are told they must do ___ now, all creating more services and more money prolonging the case as much as possible till the 18 mos has run out.. the 18 month hearing.. is THE TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS hearing.. The law states they must place the child in a PERMANENT HOME.. and you have a good chance betting it wont be that of the parents, or any other family member..

(In over 70% of the cases, the children should NEVER have been taken in the first place.. as said by former L.A. Director of Child and Family Services, as well as SOME honest Social Workers and others within the system brave enough to place their jobs in jeopardy to make such statements)

They also fail to tell the parents that it will be likely that the Gay/Lesbian social worker will be or has placed your child with a Gay/Lesbian couple who wishes to Adopt. ((YOUR CHILD)) (boys are often placed with Gay men, and girls with Lesbian couples)

Remember.. in “THE OC” (Orange County, CA) there are between 3000 and 5000 children taken each MONTH, those numbers are higher in San Diego County and Los Angeles County, I’ve been told by a head of the Appealate courts… So.. that’s Souther California alone.. it’s safe to say that an estimated amount of children is in the 10’s of thousands EACH MONTH.. One portion of one state. Other states are equally as bad and it’s argued could be even worse. States I know about that are horrible for these practices and make huge profits off the abduction of children are: CA, OR, FL, NH, CO, TX, TN, KS, KY, NY, NC, NJ, VA, GA; These are just a few, that I have personally found to be so brazen. If you live in another state, don’t think that you are immune from it.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, they can still take your child. Attorneys have had their own children taken, when they have tried to defend the parents in these courts. Neighbors and Family members have also been threatened by the Social Workers that their children will also be taken if they don’t give information to them about the ones in question.

The threats are in abundance. After all .. who are you going to plea to, for the safe return of your child(ren)? The only people you can, are those who Kidnapped them in the first place.

(Keep in mind.. that Doctors are contracted with Social Services, and will lose their contracts if they do not substantiate the claims made against a parent, MANY social workers and people in positions connected are even adopting children.

MANDATED reporters ; nurses, teachers, doctors, councilors, school personnel etc. are all threated with their licenses if they do not substantiate claims, or turn parents in. Many of these professionals are using CPS to retaliate against parents who they do not get along with. Doctors are calling CPS if a parents gets a second opinion, teacher are calling if parents don’t like the teacher, nurses are if there are conflicts with the nurses.. these Mandated Reporters are nothing more than SCOUTS for CPS, to obtain children for Federal and State Funds and Grants from both as well as Non Profits, such as United Way and others. There is so much more..

I was personally told, by a government official, “CPS MUST obtain more and more children each month in order to justify their Budget”

I’ve been told that Social Workers have a quota to fill each month, for children being placed up for adoption. Where are all these children going to come from? Ask yourself, do you really believe there are THAT many parents who abuse or neglect their children?

Social Services (CPS, DCFS and by other names) claim most of their cases are “Neglect” cases. Neglect is defind broadly from a simple sunburn, to a missed doctor’s visit. Neglect can be an unbathed child, or toys left out in plain view. Neglect can be anything the Social Worker wants to define it as.

AND most Social Workers don’t even carry a license in any field of Social Work.



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16 responses to “** WARNGING ** HOW CHILDREN ARE PLACED FOR ADOPTION When they have GOOD parents and Families. IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY.

  1. Many of the things said here apply to my families abuse by Child Protective Services here in Alberta Canada. Our Family Court system is just as corrupt as CPS.
    The problem with Family Court System is it is based on probability. The probability that the allegation did happen is all they need. Anytime you are caring for children there is always a probability or a chance a parent can abuse their children. There should have to be proof. BURDEN OF PROOF must be made part of Family Law!

  2. tired of bad laws

    make things as public as You can!!!,.. news papers ads,..! get others around You up in arms,.. Craigslist ads,…

    have to tell You tho, when the government wants some thing,.. and that means the ones who can also pull some power moves,.. Your skrewed so make every thing copied You send,.. regester mail, write down everything save ALL emails ,.. its good to go thru email to any of them when they reply its public knowledge .. a big thing,.. WATCH your mouth! i cant stress this enough, the gov is a pyramid scheme just like all the rest,.. there about BIG money, examples .. lotto some thing designed to make THEM money to appropriate I hear all the time about money going to school yet there closing them down,.. each house pays that money regadless of weather they have a kid in school or not,.. but up and down the ladder they will all tell You there is NO money,.. thats because they put money in a general fund! and then they justify taking it

  3. tired of bad laws

    You need good lawyers,.. thats all there is too it,.. they tryed to steal My grandson, but we all banded together,.. lawyers suck, sorry no offence to them all , just the scum that go along with this child stealing,.. thats right CHILD STEALING call it by its right name!,..

  4. michelle

    how do we change this?, dont voters have the right to stop this?, Im a grandmother of a child social services has in foster care home, I have a lisence, came down to spend “visiting time” and I see how they are trying to trip me as they already have a adoptive family picked out,..

    what happened to We the people?

    is it really We the slimballs of the government here to collect all moneys from baby farming????

  5. Carole

    We have a horror story about kids being forcefully taken and put into mental hospitals. This has been going on 4 three years. Our crime was trying to force the school district to provide the special ed accomodations needed. Instead they worked with DHS to trump up stuff. They are still doing it with full cooperation of the judge. Attys refuse to fight the judge and district as that is where they get their clients in the small city.
    You can read more on facebook under Zakhquery Price.
    If we could leave we would, but they won’t let us go.

  6. Rita Hunt

    The story I’m fixing to tell you, is a nightmare, believe me. In July 2009. our granddaughter told us her father molested her, we called CPS, and Police. He went to jail, our grandkids went to foster care. Our daughter had to go to couseling, we started seeing the kids at the Advocacy center, the good thing is we got to take ou on video camera in and video eveything the kids said. Our daughter finally got the kids back after they made her file for divorce, movce out of the house they had bought and moved her into something that cost the same amount of money as her home. That was Oct.30,09, in Dec.09, our daughter and grandkids move in with us, approved by CPS. Dec.09, our granddaughter told my husband, her PaPa, that she had to tell him something, she wrote it down first and then told him, she had made it up about her daddy, her, her friend, and her friends mother, she thought she’d get to go live with them, not knowing the consequences. She didn’t like doing chores at home, and her friends mother told her she could do something about it. They had her to write down everything to say, they called and texted her all the time, stating, don’t forget about our secret. We took our granddaughter to see her fathers attorney, he recorded her story, with all the gory details that had been told. She called the church and talked to someone, wanted to know if God would forgive her for lying? This person told her yes, but she needed to tell the truth to all the people involved, the next day she had her counseling, told the woman she wanted to recant her lie. The woman laughed at her and told her she idn’t believe her. Two days later the DA had the kids picked up, called us to the advocacy center, threaten to arrest us all for tampering with a witness, placed the kids back in foster care. Our granddaughter snook and used someones phone and called us, stating she was going to run away. They won’t let any of us see the kids. The truth is the truth, we’ll fight to the end, to our grave. We pray got gives us the strength to get through it. Our son-n-laws attorney believes he’s innocent and said he’d fight to the end to get him freed. The court appointed attorney our daughter has, curses at her at the court house where other people can hear it, the only good thing is a P.I. over heard her, that helps us out. The court date isn’t till April 19,2010. They’re trying to fight us all the way. We , my husband and I have filed petitions and haven’t been heard at all since this started, we feel like our rights have been violated. Our granddaughter did tell us that the DA told her if she didn’t say what she wanted, she’d put her in Juvenile. She has her terified, she wanted to know if we still loved her. My husband told her yes, always. She said they wouldn’t let her call her attorney. Our granddaughter is 12, has two brothers one 9, and one 5. What can we do? We’re so afraid we’ll never see them again. Does anyone have any advice for us ? Michael & Rita Hunt

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