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Arkansas Mother ARRESTED after Protecing Children from Foster Care

By Sandra Ami

Suzanne McHenry from Arkansas, originally from the UK was Arrested Monday after signing over Temporary Guardianship to her in-laws.

Suzanne and husband Calvin received a visit from at 11am Thursday June 4th regarding their 4 month old little girl Bethany’s safety. What the McHenry’s did not know was that the other two children Amie age 5 and Lee age 3 were already being detained by Social Services on trickery when the Grandparents were asked to bring them in so that they could be observed and to “speak” to the Grandparents about the validity to the allegations.

During the time the Grandparents were being interrogated, the children were taken into another room out of the sight and ears of their Grandparents. Upon any conclusions of the so called interview, the Grandparents were told they would NOT be taking their little one’s home.

After the Family Services Assessor Rhonda Bohamon left the home of the McHenry’s stating that Bethany “appeared fine” they were then visited yet again by Social Services just hours later to “take the baby”. The Social worker stated to Suzanne “Supervisor said ‘take one take all'”.

Calvin McHenry stated they “might get their children back within 72 hours.. but need to hold the children until their investigation is complete”  as this is what he was told by Social Services.

What the McHenry’s didn’t know was the Child Welfare Laws in their state.

They didn’t know that one the law state in Arkansas:  9-30-104.State Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board (a)The State Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board is created as an autonomous agency”; which for those of you who may not understand what that mean, it’s SELF GOVERNING and independent and subject to their own laws.

The McHenry’s, as with every other parent faced with such tragedy, believed the Social Workers would do as the laws state and would find the allegations “unfounded”.  The McHenry’s were unaware of the policies and practices of Social Service. They were unaware of the Corporation they were dealing with.

On Friday June 5th, as ordered to appear in court they were faced with a decision to either give up temporary custody to Calvin’s parents (which they felt completely comfortable in doing) or face their children going into a Foster Home. So before court started all attorneys went into back chambers with the Judge to discuss the turn over in guardianship; it was granted and the children were now safe from Foster Care. However, Social Services WAS NOT HAPPY!

On Monday a police car showed up on the McHenrys doorstep stating they wanted to “ask some questions in regards to the children” both Suzanne and Calvin stated they would not without council, thus making the police officers angry where upon immediate handcuffs were slapped on Suzanne stating they had a warrant for her arrest. No reason was given, no warrant was shown and the police refused to give out any information to either party as to court dates or reasons. It was also stated by Calvin that there was no Myranda rights given to his wife. The officer sweared expletives to Calvin when Calvin started asking him about his rights and the Constitution the officer only stated “Shut the F*** Up..Don’t say another F****ing word!”

It wasn’t until the following day Calvin learned from Suzanne that there has been supposedly a warrant issued on May 22 for her arrest, prior to any inquiry by Social Services.

The case is still in it’s beginning stages but the McHenry’s are asking for any help they can get and would like to have any journalists to take on the challenge in helping them. Calvin McHenry said “I will be willing to open up my life and hand over any and all evidence a Journalist requests to prove our innocents and get my babies back”.

They can be reached through facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113480075624&ref=mf#/topic.php?uid=113480075624&topic=9603

“Hi I’m Suzannes sister in the UK. Calvin has set up a “chip in” site for donating to help Suzannes case and FREE HER! Please if anyone can donate then please donate. Thank you xxxx”


** UPDATE: I spoke with Calvin McHenry today June 10th and I was informed that a reporter from the Local TV WMCTV/(NBC) in his area has taken on his story.. It’s still not enough, he still needs to have the truth come out since he can not afford an attorney. ALSO they are CHARGING HIS WIFE WITH A FELONY BATTERY CHARGE whis is giving her a 25 to LIFE sentence…***

** UPDATE: June 12, 2009 The McHenry’s were contacted by an Attorney willing to take the case and has promised the McHenry’s he would take the case and “UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION”. This will be interesting to follow. More good news, Calvin McHenry stated this new attorney is aggressive and plans to take the case ALL THE WAY. He plans to get the Bail reduced immediately.

GREAT NEWS: Mr. McHenry stated the children were taken to the Hospital for an evaluation on their so called Burn Marks and 3 doctors CONFIRMED the marks were that of A STAFF INFECTION!!!

July 10, 2009 UPDATE:
Calvin has told me that Suzanne is being deported back to the UK, on an expired Visa. They were unaware she violated the visa since they had gotten married. Suzanne is in a FEDERAL PRISON awaiting deportation.  CPS agrees the child’s marks are that of a Staff Infection, but state they believe it is a result of Cigarette Burns, which Calvin believes is because they are afraid of liability. Calvin has been put on Monitored Visitations with his children, Monitor must be a CPS worker, according to Social Services; CPS is afraid he is unstable and will try to take the children out of the county to be with their mother.  Calvin had posted bail for his wife, but she was immediately remanded to the Federal Prison. Calvin was unable to get his bail back as the bail bondsman refused to refund his money, even though Suzanne didn’t come home.


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