Nancy Schaefer on CPS “Children in States Custody FOR JOB SECURITY”

By Sandra Ami
Nancy Schaefer is trying to bring to the attention the corruption of Social Services, Child Protective Services. She discusses how the Department engages in “Legal Kidnapping”, and how there is “No Accountability” “Case Workers are guilty of Fraud.. Fabricate Evidence”. This is BIG BUSINESS! Stealing children creates many jobs, and are looking for “Children in states custody for job security”


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7 responses to “Nancy Schaefer on CPS “Children in States Custody FOR JOB SECURITY”

  1. Terry

    I am living a nightmare a I type this! my grandson age 3 was replaced in state’s custody june 29th 2011 after this mother was arrested on a drug charge (her first offense) that same night it happened the police officers told me and my husband that we (the grandparents) would be able to take our beloved little boy home with us but once CPS showed up that changed in a heartbeat! the case manger has lied from her first breath and would not return my calls the next day and I called the main office and was told she wouldn’t be back untill july 11th!! the main person over the office wouldn’t return my calls so my husband and I went there the next day (2 days after he was placed in a foster home) and we were told we have no grandparent rights in the state of tennessee! we have been with this little boy since before his birth and we are like parents to him…loving him..being there for him…he loves us and he’s well adjusted and happy and up untill afew days ago he was carefree!! the case manger saw how happy and loved he was with us the night she ripped our lives apart! if they (CPS) think we’re just going to sit back and do nothing they hve another think coming! if anyone has any advice please let me know before I end up back in the ER as I was yesterday!

  2. If you say anything, you will be slaughtered. Follow my page Blow the Whistle, Get Slandered

  3. amiablyme

    it’s bad everywhere, no one is safe!

  4. Carlie Davis

    I don’t know why anyone with children would ever want to live in the state of Tennessee. It is horrible here in Shelby County (Memphis area).

  5. Artificial Insemination used for Immigration & Paternity Fraud and the complete removal of this child’s rights to a father.

    Baby X has been stripped of his rights to have a father, by the State of New Jersey and Bergen County Courts, by a malicious plot involving NJ Bergen County Family Court and the corrupt Judge Edward Torack, Dr. Tanmoy Mukherjee, of the Mount Sinai Hospital/Reproductive Medical Center of New York.

    Baby X is a victim of a sinister plot by the ruling class to destroy Black Families and Men using the false flag of Child Support system and Women’s Rights. Baby X was created during unauthorized artificial insemination by Dr. Mukherjee and a Black Woman facing deportation for defrauding a university in New York City. In order to avoid deportation, Dr. Mukherjee and The Mother of Baby X conspired together to take and illegally use the semen of a Black Male US Citizen in order to perform an artificial insemination, and create an anchor baby. They also conspired to victimize the said Black Male with the responsibility of Child Support without his consent to an IVF.

    During hearings at NJ Bergen County Family Court, Baby X’s Father was able to present a copy of Baby X’s Mother’s immigration records (which should a history of immigration fraud conducted by Baby X’s Mother) and get Baby X’s Mother to admit, under questioning, that she had the child via Unauthorized Medical Experiment/IVF.

    Immediately after clear evidence was presented in the court, that Baby X was created by an via Unauthorized Medical Experiment/IVF for the purposes Immigration Fraud, the Father was completely banned from all courts and all judges – by the corrupt Judge Edward Torack of NJ Bergen County Family Court.

    The court ban against the Father to Baby X includes the denial of the following rights:

    1) Ban against a “Request for a DNA test of all parties”
    2) Access to appeal & any other judges/courts
    3) Ban against visitation between Baby X and Father X.
    4) Any modifications to Child Support, including a decrease in income of Father X
    5) Any ruling on evidence pertaining to immigration and paternity fraud in the case.

    The end result is to totally strip Father X from any rights to the child except to shut up and pay. He did not have a right to say when where and how to have a baby, and he did not have a right to have any representation in court. And therefore the State of New Jersey has stripped Baby X’s right to have a Father!

  6. Terry W. Morrison

    In a word it is about sinecure positions with all participants being aware that it is not about the children, but continued employment. Contracted service providers just provide maledicent reports that are required to support whatever the particular case status-quo CPS requires… I’m sure that service providers who attempt to be altruistic to children and families do not have a job or contract for long.

  7. Yes – her report has the ring of TRUTH. In my “meeting” with state DHS staff yesterday, I was actually told that “most of the things you read aren’t even true.” ( !! ) I was in the meeting, hoping to extract my grandsons, not recruit people to the truth – so I let it go, as nothing was to be gained by making those in power more PO’d at me than they already are. They have banned me from my grandsons… and now claim they can do nothing about it because “all in court agreed.” My son and his girlfriend certainly could do nothing BUT agree – or also face banning …. at the hands of this powerful agency with the full financial might of the US government behind them, to fund their aggression and legalized kidnapping.
    I hope I live long enough to see the “tipping point” were the majority of Americans wake up to this… meanwhile, the disappeared children of america grow in number …..
    our country’s secret shame.
    Celebrate Nancy Schaefer and her courage. And also that of Pam Roach.

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