By Sandra Ami

If you didn’t believe before that your children can be taken on false allegations; if you didn’t believe before that many parents did nothing wrong to have their children taken and put into foster homes, where they are brutally abused and sometimes killed, or put up for adoption all to boost Federal and Non-profit Grants, you might now believe.

You may be a good parent, a good care giver to your family member. You may trust your attorney, but… Your attorney CAN NOT DEFEND YOU against Social Services!!!!

If you don’t believe NOW, then makes some calls to Family Attorneys, call out of the phone books, call University Professors, ask them. You will see these are SECRET COURTS, where, if YOU have your child taken away.. YOU WILL NOT EVEN BE ALLOWED IN THE COURT ROOMS when they discuss your case, when they RAILROAD you into False allegations. And if you do decide to fight them.. YOU PUT YOURSELF IN JEOPARDY OF BEING JAILED!!! And sometimes imprisoned, so does your attorney.

Have any questions? Ask me, I’ll be happy to tell you what I have learned.


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  1. 1 of the best post i have ever read. Looking forward more from u!!!!

  2. Heather Glenn

    I need your help! I went through a child abuse case in Colorado about four years ago to get custody of my husband’s (and mine) children from their biological-mother. (We did!!) For years I have been more than enraged about the state of our so called “child protective agencies”. I am now a full-time student (psych major). I was assigned a paper in english that has taken me down this road and I need to find more info on these kinds of things, and specifically from Colorado! This project will prob lead to the change of my major, and I qould really appreciate your help in locating all the info. I can! Please help! I am trying to find a way to get a foot hold to make a stand against all of this and hopefully more than one change!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss and the story you told that is so awful how can anyone do such a horriable thing to someone and get away with it.dhs has taken my 2 grandsons in oregon and my daughter and i are devistated they put there own charges against her,threatened me and are destroying are babies life we are lost with out them.i will pray for you and I do know that through god all things are possiable.

  4. leslie

    Years ago CPS became involved with our family. I was being abused by my husband. The final straw was when he threatened to drown our 13 month old son at the river. I dialed 911 to see to it that they were found before he could carry out his threat. What happened next has tortured me for the past 18 years of my life. My children were temporarily removed while the case was investigated. They searched our backgrounds thoroughly, my husband was found to have had a prior sexual assault on a minor, they were provided with proof that he was also abusive to our household pets, and during the time we were involved with CPS he broke my nose in two places. When they searched my background, they found no criminal history, I was sent for a psychological and it came out fine, they asked me to do a parenting stress index test as well. When the results came back they said I either enjoy my children or I am just lying to make myself look good. They decided he was the better parent. He filmed better on camera and was able to charm the CPS worker. I was forced to make a choice; to divorce my husband and let the state give him full custody or stay and do my best to protect my children. I chose my children even if it meant staying with a monster. For years I wondered why they chose him as the better option for my children… to this day I still do. I am angry that they never allowed the information regarding his criminal history come to light in the courtroom. My husband had full reign of terror after our ordeal with CPS, he abused our children, he abused me, and he killed our family pets as a form of torture/punishment in front of our children. He raped my daughter. Now had I known about his past criminal history I may have chosen differently. However I seriously doubt my son would be alive today had I walked away. We have spent the last decade trying to heal from the wounds and emotional scars. Yet CPS continues to invade my life whenever my now ex husband calls in to make his false allegations against me… I was given a stalking order against him which states he is not to use any business or govt. entity against me. It appears that CPS has overlooked that part of my protection order and do not feel that they are facilitating a crime when they come to my home to investigate the reports he has made against me. I want justice…. I need help in seeing to it that my children receive restitution for damages that they suffered through the asinine decision made by the state of Oregon so many years ago. I feel that since they knew he had a prior rape charge that they should have disclosed that fact years ago. I also feel that they had no business choosing a violent man as a better option, my son was beaten and treated maliciously for years. It didn’t stop until I left the state of Oregon… because in other states, especially good OL boy states they don’t tolerate sex offenders or woman beaters.

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