How Foster Care DAMAGES Kids

By Sandra Ami

They want YOUR CHILDREN too!

The link above will give you some very valuable incite. If anyone with even a fragment of empathy can imagine this too can happen to them, their children, their grandchildren, nieces or nephews; these are children. Little girls that grew up with the dreams of being a mommy someday, only to later have those children ripped away. The happy little faces, the sweet little voices, the pitter-patter of tiny feet, the children taken.

Please click the link above, and read a fraction of what is going on.

The Truth!

You are not immune! This COULD HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!
This is not just a “poor peoples” problem, this happens to the upper class, the middle class, FBI agents, Attorneys.. it can happen to you too!

You don’t have to be a drug addict, you don’t have to be an alcoholic, or a stressed out parent. You don’t have to be a bad parent. This isn’t happening to just the lower-class, or just the ethnic. Look at the case with Deanna Hardwick out of Orange County,  California. Or to really see the sickness of this, look at the Gaston case out of Oregon. Those are just two cases. I could list you plenty more.

Christians are deemed “delusional” and “schizophrenic”, for believing in God.  If you have EVER seen a psychiatrist, you have “Mental Issues that prevent you from parenting your child”. If you are out of a job you are deemed to have “stressors” that prevent you from parenting your child, and you are deemed financially unable to parent your child (and if you haven’t lost your job yet, Social Services will have NO PROBLEM helping you there).  If you have ever gotten into an argument with a family member, Social Services will be happy to tell the court you have “anger management problems” which could be detrimental to the children.

Don’t think for one second, you are immune! The statistics are far to high.

If you have beautiful, sweet children,


Be careful, Be aware!


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4 responses to “How Foster Care DAMAGES Kids

  1. i wouldn’t have guessed this was trendy some years ago nevertheless it’s funny exactly how age evolves the manner by which you see particular ideas, thank you regarding the article it truly is nice to see some thing smart now and then in lieu of the common trash mascarading as blogs on the net, i’m off to have fun with a couple of hands of facebook poker, adios for now

  2. amiablyme

    Tom, there is actually plenty of proof, especially if you read between the lines. I can’t speak for other countries, as I have not personally been privy to that information, nor have I looked for it. HOWEVER I do know that here in the US, many natural medications are being deemed ‘illegal’ and the drugs.. or uhh.. medications manufactured, marketed and distributed here in the US have more harmful side effects then the ‘treatment’ they are designed for. I also KNOW parents are being FORCED into giving their children an overdose of drugs they do not need, drugs that are not only potentially harmful but can be deadly. I suppose I could provide you proof, however if you actually cared about this subject; and you felt it was important enough to look into, you would do your own research; I tell you this FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!

  3. Tom Dooley

    Responding to Portia Barrett, where are you coming from with the big Pharma. You must be totally NUTS, This is untrue, why spread such lies. present the evidence or stop telling more lies, you do not have any evidence.

  4. Portia Barrett.

    So true- as adopters say they want bright, intelligent cute children to show off to their friends, who will feed the egos of the adopters.

    Adopters have been totally sucked in by the brainwashing into believing they are doing good deeds, when in fact they are being used to make money for the agencies in the middle.

    Why else is it all secret.?

    If adopters met the natural parents some would be asking questions, and some are just self centred and want to show off to their friends how thay got a baby to adopt- just like a puppy.

    Then, if it does not live up to their precise expectations, Heaven help the child.

    I know children in foster care who were raped, tortured, prostituted out for years in the UK. All agencies knew and documented their plight, but nothing was done.

    The damage is about soul destruction of human beings.

    Yes, if you have even been in care- then you carry the stigma and if you have children, they are an immediate target for legal kidnapping, based on pseudo-science.

    Also, the old witch hunts are in ful swing in UK, Ireland, etc to deal with those using natural therapies- no money for big Pharma in that, so remove the children and forcibly drug them up, and keep them drugged for life.

    It is all criminal, and no one is immune.

    If you come for help re domestic violence etc, bank on it, your kids are liable to be adopted to strangers, and the children traumatised, as they begin to blame themselves.

    Nothing like a guilt trip to keep them controlled.

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