By Sandra Ami 


This problem is everywhere, even as in the UK where a former social worker put a girls body into kebabs in their restaurant. These are just some of the charges against almost 400 Social Workers that are in charge of the cases against many parents that DID NOTHING to deserve their children being taken away. These are the people writing up reports against GOOD parents and families, to justify putting the children up for adoption. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE.. HIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT… TO DETERMINE THE FATE OF OUR CHILDREN.. YES OUR CHILDREN… YOURS AND MINE… You are No better and No worse than those accused. In fact, they are you.. they are just like you. Many come from wealthy families, many from poor. Many Blond haired, red haired, dark haired. Children in Baseball, Wrestling, Karate, Theater, Ballet, Dance.. the list goes on.

There is no criteria, as some may suggest, in the ‘kidnapping’ of our children. The only criteria is that they are under 18 years of age. Attorneys have had their children taken, even police have had their children taken. All on false allegations. Oh sure, I’m sure you are thinking ‘how can this be’, well I would have thought that too, until I saw how the process works. I’ve spoken to Police officers, Firemen; I’ve spoken with CPS workers (the non corrupt ones – who I might add, are BLIND) I’ve spoken to many Governmental officials, some aware of what is going on, some in complete disbelief. But I can assure you no matter which view you are looking at this system from, it is NEVER.. “IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN”. The only “best interest” is the Money brought in and paid out to the people in the positions to make the policies, and implement them. How? In the way of BONUS’. Yes.. MILLIONS of dollars in Bonus’ for your children. Oh sure, the social workers are the low man on the totem pole, and they are expendable, but they are given incentives and bonus’ too, they are trained to be careless, and heartless. Their thought process is exactly that of a Bill Collector, who has had the job for several years. Uncaring, and out for only ONE PURPOSE.. THE COMMODITY. Collecting Children, is the same as Collecting Money.

Those who do even a small bit of homework, research, investigating, will find all the same answers I do, and many other parents who have been cheated on, lied to, seen the court deceived before their eyes, and the court allowing it.. This is NOT what we grew up thinking America “the land of the Free, Home of the Brave” was all about. Free? Who’s free? The government is FREE to lie, cheat and steal away from you through deceit, coercion, to create duress, put you under distress, through THREATS of your life. Think it’s not true? Give me YOUR phone number and address, let me call CPS on you , then lets see you FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE to get your children back.

Because .. in the long run, I can promise you, though your chance is SLIGHT, you do have a chance of stearing clear. My opinion? I think you may have a 10% chance of NOT losing your children, regardless of truth, facts, or allegation. You could be the most honest person, you could have a perfect record, you could have a MILLION people standing behind you to PROVE your credability, you could have a perfect profession, and extended formal education, you could be PTA president, and you could be a Football coach, you could be anyone.. all you have to be .. is .. a parent!


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  1. kindness

    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids been in foster care since 2008 I have a public defender on my case he is no help to me or my kids he has not done nothing on my case has not filed nothing on my case I had 2 paid attorneys on my case the attorneys got paid in full has not done nothing on my case my 2 kids are still in foster care suffering I had to get a new attorney to file a appeal for me she filed the appeal she is asking for more money & is not telling me what the money is for I would like for anyone to contact me Im in need of a lot of help & support I would like to know if there is anyone in ohio come help me my e-mail is lets stop cps NOW

  2. amiablyme

    Marie, please leave me your phone number, I’d like to chat with you.

  3. We live in Maryville,Tn.Blount County.My two g-daughters lived with us all their lies along with my daughter and her husband.We supported all of them.The father worked but he was one of these men that thought his money was his and it was our daughter and g-kids so we could support them and we did.In 1999 she came to us and said she was asking her husband to leave she wanted a devorce.She gave no details and we didn’t ask.We just figured she finally openned her eyes to his running around with other women.Well they got that devorce and we supported my two g-daughters and my daughter for three years.The father refused to pay child-support or carry medical insurance on the grils.My daughter refused to get a job.I had to pay her to watch her own two grils so I could help my husband work to support us all.In 2003 she picked up a pedophile on the internet.He molested his frist wifes 13 yr. old niece in the late 1990’s.He was suppost to regester as a sex offener but my ex-son-in-laws lawyer had his name changed so he couldn’t be traced.My daughter took up with him and we took tempoary custody of the grils.My daughter married this guy and the judge(William Brewer) gave her tempoary custody back.We tried to tell him about this guys background but my ex-son-in-laws lawyer(F.D. Gibson) sat there and made it look and sound like we were just making stuff up about him cause we didn’t like him.Ofcouse HE would say that.He repersented the guy for molestation and changed his name.Well my g-daughters weren’t in that house no time and he was treatening them and molesting them.He took my g-daughter which was only 8 yrs.old at the time for a driving lesson on a Sunday night at 10:p.m. drunk as a skunk and was stop by a cop.Nothing was ever done to him cause the grils father got all the charges dropped.He had been taking her in a deserted park that had a bad name.We found out it wasn’t the frist time.He treatened my g-daughter not to tell.We took that report to DCS and they said they weren’t going to jurk those gril out of that house because they didn’t see them in any immunit danger.That was (Lana Ricddick).The suppervisior.A few months later we had to take the 6 yr. ole to Childrens Hospital in Knoxville,Tn. because they were wrapping a towel around their two figures and digging in her vigina with it.The child was always tore up down there and the father would just laugh about it.The doctor at Childrens called (Lana Ricddick) and pleaded with her for half an hour to pull those grils from that house but she refused.When the 8yr,old turnned 12 yrs old.The step-father(Chris Sutton-aka-Chris Greeley)took her to be checked to see when her period would start and was allowed to stay in the room while she undressed and they checked her.Now those doctors knew better than that.That wasn’t her parent and they knew about him and his background but they did this anyway.All this time our motion is still in place for custody and theres a garudin but she never startes the case.When she does about 5 mos. later she dams me in the letter to the judge.Long story short.The gril ran away in 2007 and got theirselfs out of the sexual,mental,and physical abuse.DCS wanted to send them right back in that house but my husband and I fought them.I want even tell you about the irresponsible father thats been married 4 times sence my daughter.The grils were12 & 9 yrs.old in 2007 when thay road their bike from accross town I’d say 10 miles to my house and not together.The oldest ran on July 31 & the 9 yr. old Aug. i.I’m being accused of going accross town and getting the youngest when she stopped at 2 gas station and all my neigbhors saw her get here on that bike.The DCS workers involved in that were(Julie Goforth,Allison Watkins.& Brent Howard).The judges were(William Brewer,Sandra Mynatt-Referee& oldGAL for grils,& judge William Denton).It was all done behind our back when we were told that we were witness because they came to our house by DCS.They gave them to their trashy father and his parents and denied our court appointed visitation.The fathers parents had a house full of foster children pulled from them and their 14 yr. old son shot his bus driver to death in 2004 or 2005.He’s serving a life sentance.Jason Clinard his parents are Karen & charlie Clinard.Look up Kids in Court.Jason Clinard in Montgomary Count.Tn.Thats who DCS gave my g-daughters to and slander me for.We have no criminal record not even a speeding ticket and we’er made to be the trashyest of trash.Marie Myers Maryville,Tn.Blount County

  4. amiablyme

    Rita, the FBI will do nothing, you can contact me on facebook,

  5. Rita Hunt

    These social workers have skeletons in their closet, one told us that we enabled our daughter, come to find out , her son had a felony on him for abusing a elderly person, and her son-n-law had felonies as well. Her husband divorced her 5 years ago. She’s the one that was telling our family and friends on the phone that she heard that there were picture floating around of me, where my husband had beat me, black and blue, head to toe.
    People were telling us, she was telling them, when she’d call to get a refernce on us to get the kids .
    My husband and I have no criminal background, no tickets, been together 35 years. We go to church, take our grandkids, and have for years.
    The court appointed attorneys for our grandkids and one for our daughter are best friends, they do everything together. They do everything the DA says. The DA keeps the kids, thinking she can keep our granddaughter from telling anyone else the truth, so she can win a criminal case against our son-n-law, she told us she’d make sure he got 99 years or more, that’s all she cared about. There’s no physical evidence of any kind, per hospital worker, no DNA, nothing. I f he didn’t do it, he doesn’t deserve to go to prison for something he didn’t do. Our granddaughter says now, he didn’t do it, she made it up, to get out of the house, so she wouldn’t have to do chores at home. Where’s the justice in the world?? Does anyone out there have any advice they might send our way? Our only hope is the Court appointed attorney our son-n-law has, says he’s innocent, and he’s going to fight the whole way and get him off the charges. He says he fights the same for the court appointed clients, just like he does if they pay him. I’ve heard he’s a great lawyer, and what I’ve seen so far, we’re impressed, but the kids are our whole lives, our daughter and son -n-law lost a son, three years ago, and it was devistating to all of us. He died of crib death. Horrible. We just can’t stand the thought of loosing three more. We’re about to fall apart.
    Thank You
    Rita Hunt

  6. Rita Hunt

    When my grandkids were placed in foster care, my 5 year old grandson said the foster mon choked him, he told , she denied it, the woman didn’t eat meat, so the kids were bought cases of raviolli, that’s what they had every night for their supper.
    One night she got mad at the 12 and 8 year old then, and sent them to bed with no supper, for they’re punishment, they would take the kids to the zone and leave them alone, go next door to the pub and drink and drive our grandkids home afterwards, tell the kids the workers would watch them while they were gone, sometimes on saturdays, they’d go into a bigger city, I won’t mention right now, and go to concerts, hockey games,and leave them till midnight, one night our 5 year old grandson fell busted his lip and head open and the workers laid him on the counter till the foster parents returned, where he had fallen asleep. The foster dad took our granddaughter to the doctor and had her examined, the doctor examined her breast, he stayed in the room??? What is this going on, of course all of this is not believed. The kids were in foster care from july till 30th of Oct., our granddaughter didn’t have a period till christmas, we got alarmed and told her, either that something is wrong or could she be pregnant and her remarks were I’ll kill him, her mother ask, kill who, she said the foster dad, called him by name. What does this tell you, we know what we think, but the CPS doesn'[t believe any of our concerns, and today these people still have kids in their home. Can you believe this. I want CPS exposed for what they are, I’d be willing to testify , inder oath, polygraph, anything that would bring justice back to families out there that are suffering. We thought we were doing the right thing by calling the CPS in July, to protect our grandkids, but when our granddaughter, said she’d lied about everything and she wanted to tell the truth and wanted God and her daddy to forgive her, we realized after everything CPS had put this family through, we might be sending an innocent man to prison, got our grandkids in foster care, where we can’t get them back, it’s heart breaking, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone in the world, not ever, my heart goes out to everyone that has been through this. CPS workers will tell family and friends that you’re husband has beat you with a baseball bat, left yiou blacl from head to toe, lies, that if your blouse is alittle low cut, that you dress provocative, that’s what they said to me, in my own house, during home study. Christmas, a suppsingly volunteer, that drives a mercedes, brought some stuff out to the kids and wanted them to hug and kiss her, in the mouth, I had to sit and watch this go on in my own home, I’ve since told the case worker, and I’m sure this woamn is still there, probably doing the same thing to other kids as well. I worry that our grandkids are being treated bad, due to the love they know we have for them. All these comments, and things that were seen and heard have been video taped. W

  7. Ken

    “it sounds rather radical, however, I’d much rather be eating out of my own garden then to be eating out of the hands of the government”
    AMEN amiablyme

  8. amiablyme

    Social Services has done nothing in the way of actually helping the people. It has taken our sovereignty away from us and is now taking our children and separating our families. Social Services needs to be ABOLISHED. Yes I know, it sounds rather radical, however, I’d much rather be eating out of my own garden then to be eating out of the hands of the government who is able to taint and poison our foods, without our knowledge.. And some may say “the government wouldn’t do that” however look back in time, and see how many times foods have been recalled. Can you trust someone else’s food more than if you had grown it yourself?
    We all need to STOP filling out Birth Certificates and take the FULL responsibility of our own children, as we all THOUGHT we do.. well.. news flash.. YOU DON’T!

  9. Catherine Sara

    From 14 years of research trying to figure out where the system has gone wrong, the first thing which needs changing is the selection process of social workers, who are often


    Have criminal records but change their name by deed poll and no one notices.

    have unresolved issues of their own.

    Over 50% of them feeling they were abused as children, thereby often believing all parents are abusers.

    It is the right v wrong mentality- and they are always right nad will never admit to being wrong, which is part of being human.

    are quick to abuse the power given to them.

    Are easily brainwashed by the trainers-NLP

    most are only box tickers.

    most have no skill in gut feeling or using God given instinct.

    Most are too weak to speak the truth of when children are genuinly suffering.

    Most lack empathy, as that is brainwashed out of most in training, leaving a machine to protect the children.

    Yes, the old tribal system was way superior, and children were safer.

    But the Patriarchal system is trying to destroy the Mother aspect of the Female/male, because it fears strong protective mothers and fathers.

    So, by telling the mothers they were now equal to men and could work and raise children, has left most mothers exhausted and no time to think and little time to give to children, like we did in the old days.

    The state plans to move in there from birth, and make sure children do not feel LOVE, as loving humans are no use in the future they have planned.

    Once you register your creation-child, you are in fact giving the state control over the child, and the parent becoms the Guardian.

    The state can then borrow money from the IMF, based on the amount of wealth this new person will create and give to the state in tax, over its lifetime.

    Notice, once you register, the human being child becomes a person, and the soul is not mentioned, thus meaning the system can do soul destroying deeds and not be held responsible.

    They are of course responsible, but they fool themselves otherwise and children and parens suffer.

    So,the child protector social workers need to be trained in BEING HUMAN BEINGS rather than machines lining the pockets of their masters.

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