By Sandra Ami

I read the story on Alexis (,alexis,tv,story,12,9,08.htm ) and I must tell you, if you don’t already know, this is NOT an isolated incidence. Many parents are screaming foul. Many parents are doing their homework and finding that CPS/ DHS is failing to follow the laws. The problems are not just with the social workers, but unfortunately the Public Defenders are in on it too.

I personally attempted to contact over 450 attorneys last year, those of which I got in touch with, all told me the same thing “Private attorney’s can not win in Dependency cases” One attorney told me that “it’s a Good Ol’ Boy network, and all the people in the court room are all hired by the same person, it’s an independent court administrator” He told me that even Family Attorneys are afraid to take on Dependency cases. I spoke with two seperate other attorneys who told me they had taken on a dependency case before, but would never do it again.

Once a call goes into social services about a parent, their first goal is to “adopt the child” before they even do their investigation. The problem is, it’s Big Business. Children are the commodity of the government, and specifically social services. Without the children, there is no business. So, therefore, when a call comes in.. it’s Money on the phone for them. Social workers receive bonus’, as does the department and the county. There is absolutely NO ONE working on the side of the parents.

Dr. Bruce D. Perry, did a study on the separation of children. Documenting the child’s brain growth in separate situations. He documented that the brain of a child in foster care is not much different than that of a child caged for the first 5 years of life, with no physical or emotional contact, as apposed to those children left in the homes of their families where the brain was normal.

The DHHS (department of health and human services) is, I believe, the second largest Federally Funded Organization in this country, second only to the military. And I believe I read that 54% of that funding is strictly for Taking Children and separating them from their parents. CPS / DHS cases.

Many of the Amber Alerts are parents trying to ‘steal’ back their children from the kidnappers hired by the Government. I contacted the US Department of Justice, who told me that they do not do a statistic on how many of the children Alerted are CPS/DHS cases. Though it does not take a genius to see the descriptions of the parents on the Amber Alerts are exactly parallel to the description of the parents by CPS/DHS.

Getting someone to take on these issues, has proved almost impossible by the parents who are screaming for justice, crying out for their children, and far to often burying them after the “system” has gotten a hold of them.

Parents are threatened by social workers into pleading, being told “if you do not plea, your child(ren) will go into a Foster home, where he/she/they are 7-10 times more likely to DIE” and those pleas must be done on that day, without contest. They are not even given the choice to plea Guilty, but instead must plea “No Contest”, meaning they can never attempt to reverse their plea, even by proof of the threats, coercions, duress or distress.

The entire process is created, and implemented to RAILROAD the parents into losing their children. For what you may ask? MONEY. BIG MONEY. On one estimated calculation, I approached the Board of Supervisor’s office here where I live, and was told that $113 BILLION dollars a year, JUST IN THE DETENTION of children could be accurate, and could also be underestimated.

This reminds me of the movie Oliver Twist, where children were scooped up off the streets in Paddywagons. This is really no different; the only difference is the children are taken in an unmarked newer SUV. The social workers pull with them usually 2 policemen, and still come with NO WARRANTS, as stated in our constitution. Many parents are placed with “gag orders” as to not discuss the process that is happening to them, and they are not allowed any contact with their children, as to ‘break the bond’ between parent and child, making it easier to tell the court at a later date “there is no more bond with the parents and the child has bonded with the foster parent”. There is a list of things they do, and a list of reasons why.


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  1. amiablyme

    Brad, it IS plastered everywhere, but you wont find it unless you’re looking for it. YouTube has many many videos of accounts of this, you can google CPS and find a list of videos. You can google SECRET COURTS; you can click on my videos and to the side there will be all kinds of videos. Google stories.. there are many ways to find the information. But if one is only googling for other things, these stories wont show up. Moms and Dads across the Country and world are SCREAMING FOUL but parents who have not experienced this wont pay attention. They have been led to believe that if a child is taken by CPS then the Social Workers did their job and did the right thing. They aren’t aware of the laws and incentives that are allowing this to happen. They aren’t aware of how it happens. Social Workers are nothing more than Sales people for the Distribution of Children as in Child Trafficking. But when a parent tries to explain the TRUTH to them, they refuse to believe it.. until it happens to them!!

  2. Brad Stock(ain't scared)

    Why is this the only site pertaining to this corruption. Why isn’t this shit plastered all over the television, billboards, radio. Why isn’t every single parent involved taking a stand against this crap. Where are the voices for these children. I see commercials everyday about poor starving children around the world but we allow this to happen in our own country. Pardon my language but “WHAT THE FUCK”. Are you kidding me??? How the hell do we as a society allow this crap from our very own government. We claim to be the biggest, baddest nation in the world and we allow this to happen to our very own children. Somebody tell me how to look down into my childrens eyes and explain this to them.

  3. Ana

    We all keep screaming … but help never comes.

    The courts take the children / ban the family / all you say is TRUE.

    I was told I could not have visits with my grandson because he was “bonding with the foster mother” — yet – 2 months later – DHS took the children from that foster facility – and separated them – and sent them to other facilities … for money.

    Now – I am banned by court order and cannot see my grandchildren. I have no idea where they are or how they are doing.

    Yet – the general public does not want to have their “nice day” disturbed by knowing about this or doing anything about it .

    The way our country treats these children, will be the downfall of our nation. These children are being damaged – and an entire army of damaged children will create problems in the years to come. Mark my words…

  4. Rinda

    I have heard that too, that many of the kids on the missing children site are parents taking their kids from social services..

  5. evryonesacritic

    What an AWESOME article!


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