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Cover-Up of Abuse by Social Services and Staff

When a whistle blower comes forward to file a report of abuse on a child detained in the Children’s Home, the ‘cover -up’ runs deep.

A whistle blower, employee for the Children’s home, witnessed a boy getting punched in the face by a staff member and tries tenaciously to report it only to be ignored.  The cover up by Social Services runs deep within the agency, and as a result the employee gets fired.

Still trying to hold someone accountable, his voice continues to fall upon deaf ears, as no one will listen.

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By Sandra Ami

We all get caught up in proving we are not guilty, when approached with someone’s possibility of such. Especially when we actually did do nothing wrong, we feel the need to defend ourselves. Well, don’t get caught up in the tangled web of deceit, lies, allegations and accusations. Remember, you have NOTHING to prove.

When pulled over by an officer, even if one comes to your door (including a Social Worker investigating a retaliatory report) never say ANYTHING! It won’t matter if you are innocent or not, these people are not here to “protect you” they are not there to find anything but a reason to write up a report of guilt. So, if you are not guilty, you can almost guarantee you will be when they are done with you.  Watch the video above, as it will explain exactly HOW you can and WILL be found guilty in a court of law.

An officer or anyone carrying a badge’s motto should be:

If at first we don’t deceive, then we try again, till we succeed.


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