Imagine for one moment, this is your child, taken while an investigation is being made against you, even if findings are “unsubstantiated” But this is your child waiting to come back home. All that is necessary for our social workers to succeed is that “good honest people” do absolutely nothing to hold social workers accountable for there actions. It may well be that our means are fairly limited and our possibilities restricted when it comes to applying pressure on our social workers. But is this a reason to do nothing?
“First they came for my neighbors children . I was silent. It was not my children they were there for. Then they came for my friends children, again I was silent. It was not my children they were there for. Then they came for my children. There was no one left to speak for me”.
The race we are in towards correcting neglect and wrong doing and abuse by the social workers that are supposed to be there to protect, is a race against time for many of us now and many more if we do not fix the system that is currently in place. Washing one’s hands of the wrongs by the social service and the powerless; means to side with the social service, not to be neutral.
If we don’t wake up and take a stand against this horrible horrible system that has been put into place, for no other reason than to Tear Families apart, so that the Government can take total control over our lives, then you too are doomed to be a victim of the same injustice. If you can’t stand up today to protect the families that have been torn apart, and children who have died, then you are not protecting yourself, and you are as guilty as those doing it.

Sandra Ami


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  1. familes sa and cps are corrupt and the courts as they believe whastever is written on paper by families sa cause they are a government howevefr they get6 paid thousands just to remove one child why cant the judges or someone recognise that this is the main cause of so many chilldren being removed.

  2. Mandi Landsberg

    Wanted to thank you for the “form” you sent me. South Africa does not have ANY petitions against court orders! We have Nothing like that here. Will let you know how I manage to get my daughter back though, incase any other SA mothers are going thru this! Have to believe I will!!!

  3. Terry W. Morrison

    Rage against the machine lyrical quote “Rally round the Family!” Rally Round the Family with a pocket full of…

  4. Catherine Sara

    It is the same in Ireland too.

  5. Mandi Landsberg

    Hi There, I am in South Africa and am currently fighting exactly the same same horrible system you are describing. Even attorneys and advocates know the way these social workers abuse the power given to them. I have been advised to do everything these people want if i ever want my daughter back. Where are my human rights? And my daughter? What about what she wants?

  6. amiablyme

    I think, to better know the ramifications of what happens to children when the are taken from there parents, people need to read up on Dr. Bruce D. Perry, he is a Neuroscience specializing in this study. You will be SHOCKED to say the least at what you find.

  7. Elizabeth Cook

    I SO agree- if decent people do nothing- then decent people are complicit. It seems decent people do not want to believe this happens- it destroys one’s world view.Wendy Murphy’s book describes the denial -very well.

    You write well- I note the paraphrasing- I forget the name of the person who wrote- …..then they came for me- and there was no one left- – – –

    We are destroying our young- in North America and England and Australia and France- probably others- but- those I know about —

  8. great article Sandra. Children are typically safer in their own homes. Thank you for bringing this to light.

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